How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are one of the most persistent skin issues we have to contend with. Like
spots, visible pores and pigmentation skin care, they’re almost impossible to get rid of
completely, but there are things you can do to prevent them from showing up and
getting worse over time.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads Safely, According to Experts | Glamour UK
For starters, you should be washing and exfoliating your face regularly (everyone’s
skin is different, but twice a week is a good place to start). A cleanser that contains
salicylic acid will help break apart the excess oil that clogs your pores and make
them less likely to produce blackheads.
You can also use a purifying face mask at home once or twice a week to draw out
bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells that can lead to the build-up of sebum and
blackheads. Look for ingredients such as zinc oxide (which soothes), sulphur (an
antiseptic and kills bacteria) and charcoal, which draws out impurities.
Avoid overly emollient or greasy face creams, which can clog your pores even more.
If you have oily skin, a cleanser with salicylic acid is an essential (try La Roche-Posay
Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser). A serum or face mask with niacinamide can also
help reduce the appearance of blackheads by helping to regulate your sebum
If you have very stubborn blackheads, see a dermatologist or medical professional to
have them extracted (especially on your nose). They’ll be able to use a comedone
extractor (if you’ve ever spent hours transfixed by Dr Pimple Popper’s videos, you
know what we mean) to gently remove the plug and prevent it from returning.
Do not try to squeeze or pop your own blackheads, as this can cause the infection to
spread and scar your skin. A medical professional will be able to use a tool called a
pore strip, which has small metal loops on the end of a stick, to add pressure around
the blackhead and gently push it out.

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Another effective treatment is to use a mixture of clay and jojoba oil to massage
away your blackheads. The clay helps to soften your pores and the oil nourishes and
lubricates the skin so that it’s easier to massage out the blackheads.
Alternatively, you can do an Ayurvedic abhyanga (face massage) every day to help
dislodge your blackheads. Warm oil (like canola, safflower or jojoba) is massaged
into the skin in gentle circles to help dissolve the sebum and dirt that causes them.
Then follow it with a clay mask to draw out the debris and then again with an oil
cleanser to clear your pores. You could also use a tea tree facial cleanser, which is
anti-inflammatory and helps shrink blemishes and kill bacteria. Finally, a soothing
moisturiser with echinacea extract can be used to prevent inflammation and keep
your pores clear.

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